Seattle Hill Elementary

Student Cooking Contest (4-6 grades)

  • Each year, the Snohomish School District holds the Kids in the Kitchen/Junior Chef Competition, which is sponsored by the Food Service Dept. This year's annual event will be held Friday, May 19!

    Submittal info
    District 4th - 6th grade students are invited to submit recipes for their favorite after-school snacks. The recipes, which must be submitted by Friday, March 17, do not have to be original. They can be family recipes or from cookbooks, the Internet, etc. Recipe submittal forms are available by clicking here.

    Student finalists will be selected from the submitted recipes and will be invited to prepare their creations at Glacier Peak High School. Families, teachers and principals will be invited to taste these culinary masterpieces at a Friday, May 19, event. A panel of judges will select the grand prize winners. Past award categories have included:

    • Health-conscious foods
    • Simple, kid-friendly preparation
    • Fun food
    • Judge’s choice

    All finalists will receive a framed certificate, a recipe book of all of the finalists’ recipes, an apron/chef’s coat, as well as a medal. Grand prize winners will receive an additional award. Transportation will not be provided for the cook-off. Kids will need to be dropped off and picked up at Glacier Peak High School. In addition, students will be supervised by kitchen staff during the food production to help ensure that safe food practices are followed and that no one gets hurt. For more information, call the Food Service Dept. at 360-563-7298.

    District 4th-6th grade students will prepare their favorite after-school snacks as part of the annual Kids in the Kitchen/Junior Chef Competition, sponsored by the district’s Food Services Dept. Finalists will prepare their creations at Glacier Peak High School on Friday, May 19, for a panel of judges who will select the grand prize winners. Glacier Peak High School culinary students will assist the 4th-6th grade students in the kitchen and help them prepare their snacks for the judges and guests. The young chefs will feature their creations at a 4p.m. reception on Friday, May 19, in the Glacier Peak High School Commons.

Recipe Books